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“I had some money sitting in the bank earning little or no interest. Kevin had mentioned to me how he was investing in property and worked with investors paying them interest on money invested. I thought this was a great idea and worth trying out so I loaned Kevin money for different property refurb projects he has worked on and he paid me interest at a much higher rate than I would have got by leaving my money sitting in the bank, it even paid towards my last holiday. Kevin is a very trustworthy person and the only time funds were going to be a month late he gave me notice and even offered to pay additional interest. I will continue to invest with Kevin and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good return on their money.”

S. Golden


“Before I met Kevin McDonnell I didn’t really know much about property investing. I had an interest in property but didn’t know how to get started. Since meeting Kevin he has helped me with building my knowledge or the different ways to buy property, how to find deals, fund deals, manage the properties once let and much more. I didn’t even know about the tenancy deposit scheme!

Now I have completed on my first purchase and got a tenant in place within days. This has given me to confidence to build on this and I’m now looking forward to finding my second property and continuing to work with Kevin. It’s great to be able to have someone like Kevin who knows so much about property on the end of the phone anytime I need advice. He is very open to sharing his knowledge and experiences and explains complicated issues in an easy to understand way. That’s why I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin to anyone who was interested in investing in property and wanted someone to guide and support them in their journey.”

S. Robbins

Merthyr Tydfil

“Before I met Kevin I purchased two houses in the traditional manner – viewing houses through an estate agent and getting a mortgage from the bank. I found all this very stressful. Then I met Kevin a couple of years ago. At first I wasn’t too sure what to make of his approach to buying houses. All my family had bought houses in the traditional way and I guess I didn’t really believe Kevin when he said there was another way. I thought, if there was another way surely people would be singing it from the roof tops.
Everything changed for me when I went with him to look at a house he was thinking of buying. He had leaflet dropped in the area and the couple had contacted him. It was a cold winter evening when we went into this house and met the vendors. I didn’t know what to expect from Kevin or the couple. Kevin explained what he could offer the couple and even had 3 different offers so they could pick the one that would suit them best. He blew me away that evening, he had really researched this house and his strategy. It was clear to see that the couple were equally just as impressed. He bought their house a few weeks later.
Kevin’s passion for teaching and passing on his knowledge is infectious. He uses examples to help you understand everything. His approach and training has changed me and I’m now buying my 1st house using training and techniques.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin, he really cares about you and makes the learning experience exciting and interesting but the most important thing is that you come away feeling energised about the future and the potential that is out there for the taking.”

J. O’Regan