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International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Mentor and Professional Property Investor


Introducing ‘No Money Down Property Investing‘, the perfect guide to how you can get started and scale your property business quickly, with little or none of your own funds!

In his book, creative property investment strategies expert Kevin McDonnell gives you his proven formula for success. Discover the simple ‘No Money Down Matrix’ system Kevin has devised that anyone can follow – you too can invest in property even if funds are an obstacle & make a fortune in the process…

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Kevin McDonnell is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Property Investor and Public Speaker and is regarded as the foremost expert in the UK when it comes to creative property investment strategies. He is the Author of “No Money Down Property Investing” and “The 7 Biggest Mistakes when starting out in property & how to avoid them”.

When he initially started out on his investment journey back in 2003, Kevin made almost every mistake imaginable, eventually resulting in over £135,000 of debt – just about the only thing he did right in his first 10 years in property was to keep going!

Realising he needed to get educated, he researched, followed and learned from every successful property investor he could find. Kevin finally cracked the property investment formula in 2013 and is now the owner of multiple businesses and has become a self-made millionaire thanks to property, building a multi-million-pound portfolio using creative No Money Down property investment techniques.

His 10 years of struggling to build his own success has provided him with a unique perspective to understand clearly what other people need to get the same results, no matter what their current location or financial position is. Kevin wants to work with people who are driven to succeed in property and wealth creation, teaching them the skills that he has acquired to build a passive income that will allow them to have the choices in life to follow their dreams.
If you know of anyone that you feel could benefit from working with Kevin then please invite them to get in touch.
You can Download Kevin’s free report “The 7 Biggest Mistakes when starting out in property & how to avoid them” by clicking on the Gift Link.

Rent2Rent Ultimate Cash Flow System

How to make massive cash flow from other people’s properties

Dates:  held monthly – contact us for details

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No Money Down Discovery Day

An overview of No Money Down Investing to help you determine if this is the way forward for you on your property Journey.

Dates:  held monthly – contact us for details

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No Money Down 2 Day Masterclass

Dates:  held monthly – contact us for details

Learn how to create life-changing income and Build a property portfolio using none of your
own money…

Learn multiple Low / No Money Down techniques to acquire properties including:
– Rent2Rent – 6 step system
– Lease Options
– Exchanged with Delayed Completion
– Rent2Own
– Vendor Finance
– Assisted Sales
– Adding Value
– Securing JV Partners
– Using Other people’s money

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Kevin is a dynamic and highly accomplished speaker, with experience at 100s of events ranging in size from 10 to 400.

Whether you are looking for an inspiring, motivational speech to remind your audience of the unlimited potential within themselves, or a technical presentation covering business topics learned through over 10 years in the property industry – Kevin is a master who can deliver.

Please get in touch for references and recorded video examples of live presentations.

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What do you want to achieve?

If you don’t know your destination then you cannot measure your progress. You don’t need to know exactly how you are going to get there and what’s going to happen around every turn along the way, you just need to believe you are going to get there. Just like driving across the country, when you sit in your car you know where you are heading, but you don’t know what obstacles will be put in your way, like traffic jams etc. If you knew where you were heading but had never been there before I bet you would take a sat nav or map? Well what Kevin offers is that sat nav as he has been down the same road.

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